2020 True Fly records

This table comprises the true fly records for 2020.

The contents of this table may be sorted using the arrows in the header row and filtered by entering text in the boxes at the head of each column.

Species nameScientific nameQuantitySiteDateRecorder
a large craneflyTipula maxima1Millcombe2020-05-24Dean Jones
Turnip SawflyAthalia rosaec100North End2020-05-30Dean Jones
a leafminerAulagromyza hendeliana Leaf mines on Honeysuckle Millcombe2020-06-13Dean Jones
a leafminerChromatomyia aprilinaLeaf mines on Honeysuckle Millcombe2020-06-13Dean Jones
Marmalade hoverflyEpisyrphus balteatus c1000Millcombe2020-06-14Dean Jones
a hoverflyEupeodes corolla 3Millcombe2020-06-14Dean Jones
a hoverflyVolucella bombylans 1Millcombe2020-06-15Dean Jones
Giant Tachinid FlyTachina grossa1Tibbets2020-06-16Dean Jones
Pied HoverflyScaeva pyrastri 1Millcombe2020-06-19Dean Jones
a leafminerPhytomyza spondylii/pastinacae aggLeaf mines on HogweedMillcombe2020-06-27Dean Jones
Giant Tachinid FlyTachina grossa1East Side2020-07-06Dean Jones
Parasitic flyLinnaemya vulpina1Millcombe2020-07-15Dean Jones
Giant Tachinid FlyTachina grossa1East Side2020-07-19Dean Jones
Noon FlyMesembrina meridiana1East Side2020-07-22Dean Jones
Giant Tachinid FlyTachina grossa1Quarries2020-07-22Sam Bosanquet

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