Lundy has been a focus of scientific enquiry for many years and much of this has been carried out by the Lundy Field Society. The Society is a charity that has as its aims the study of Lundy, in particular its history, natural history and archaeology, and the conservation of its wildlife and antiquities.

For over 75 years the Lundy Field Society has been carrying out conservation work, supporting research on the island and publishing the results in its Annual Report and Journal. Giving us a donation or leaving us a gift in your Will means that we can continue to give grants to support research and field work, produce further publications, and continue conservation work on the island. You may wish to specify the use of your donation or legacy. As a charity, income from legacies and donations helps us to continue our work on Lundy.

If you are a UK tax-payer and you fill in a Gift Aid form the LFS is able to reclaim 25p for every pound of your donation (not legacy) at no cost to you. Please download and fill in the form!

Recent gifts have included:

  • A legacy of £10,000 from the estate of Tony Walker which will be used in part to publish a guide to Lundy's fungi - an area in which Tony had an interest.
  • A gift of £3000 given in memory of Chris Eker that was used to publish the 2012 issue of the Lundy Field Society Journal.
  • A legacy of £22,000 from the estate of Pat Rodley, who with her late husband, Ken, were long-standing LFS members.

What we do with the money

We would like to move to a position where we are able to make more grants using income from donations and even commission relevant research. Recent research has been wide ranging:

  • Research into Lundy's peregrine falcons received a £250 grant.
  • £400 was granted to assist with an expensive planned survey of bats in 2014.
  • £200 was awarded for work Lundy's geology, specically evidence of glacial action.
  • Fieldwork on the freshwater ponds on Lundy was helped with a £250 grant.

The Society subsidises week-long conservation breaks at least twice a year. These working holidays have helped save natural habitats from invasive rhododendron, an exotic species that threatened the endemic Lundy Cabbage. Other activities have included dry stone walling, fencing, trench work and path maintenance.

The Society is a permanent member of the Lundy Management Forum - a partnership between several organisations, including the National Trust, the Landmark Trust and Natural England, which advises on conservation and management issues affecting the island. The Lundy Field Society is able to offer expert advice and opinion based on more than 65 years of study on many aspects of Lundy.


The activities of the Society to support research, conservation and enjoyment of Lundy can be enhanced by donations (general or for specific purposes). You can donate on line or contact the Hon. Secretary, to discuss donations or legacies. The LFS is a registered charity in England (No 258294). Please do not use this payment method for paying subscriptions, but rather make a bank transfer using the details provided on the online membership page.


A legacy to the Society will be greatly valued in any form. It can be expressed as a specific sum of money, as a percentage of an estate, or as the residue after other bequests.

Here is some suggested wording to include in your Will:

  • For a pecuniary legacy - 'I give to The Lundy Field Society of Lundy, Bristol Channel, EX39 2LY (registered charity number in England & Wales 258294) the sum of £ amount in figures (amount in words)'
  • For a residuary bequest - 'The residue of my estate to be used by The Lundy Field Society to further its work in studying and conserving the island of Lundy.'

We strongly advise that you consult a solicitor or other professional adviser who will give you personal, confidential advice specifically relating to your own circumstances. Gifts to charities are currently exempt from Inheritance Tax, so a legacy for the Lundy Field Society can help with your Inheritance Tax planning.

If you decide to leave a legacy to the Society it is entirely up to you whether you decide to let us know, but it would help us greatly to know of your intentions. This will enable us to thank you properly and keep others informed of how gifts left as legacies are helping the Society in its valuable work.

You can contact the Honorary Secretary in confidence:

Michael Williams
10 Nutholt Lane
United Kingdom

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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