The LFS is run by a committee of officers and ordinary members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The following were approved by the 2020 AGM delayed from March, due to COVID-19 restrictions and held online in September.

The current (2020-21) members are:

Chair Alan Rowland 
Vice Chair Belinda Cox 
Hon. Secretary Michael Williams 
Hon. Treasurer Chris Dee
Hon. Membership Secretary Sandra Rowland
Ordinary members Richard Breese (2020-2023)
  Roger Chapple (2020-2023)
  Andrew Cleave (2018-2021)
  AndrĂ© Coutanche (2018-2021)
  Trevor Dobie (2018-2021)
  Jennifer George (2018-2021)
  Keith Hiscock (2018-2021)
  Tim Jones (2019-2022)
  Chris Pawson (2018-2021)
  Frances Stuart (2018-2021)
  Chris Webster (2018-2021)
Co-opted (Marine Protected Area
Advisory Group)
Robert Irving

The LFS also honours the following as presidents of the society:

President Diana Keast
Vice Presidents Jennifer George 
  John A Harman
  Keith Hiscock 
  Roger Chapple

The constitution may be viewed here.

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