The LFS is run by a committee of officers and ordinary members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The following were approved by the 2022 AGM held at Crediton on 12 March 2022.

The current (2022-23) members are:

Chair Alan Rowland 
Vice Chair Belinda Cox 
Hon. Secretary Michael Williams 
Hon. Treasurer Chris Dee
Hon. Membership Secretary Sandra Rowland
Ordinary members Richard Breese (2020-2023)
  Roger Chapple (2020-2023)
  Andrew Cleave (2021-2024)
  AndrĂ© Coutanche (2021-2024)
  Trevor Dobie (2021-2024)
  Jennifer George (2021-2024)
  Keith Hiscock (2021-2024)
  Tim Jones (2022-2025)
  Chris Pawson (2021-2024)
  Chris Webster (2021-2024)
Co-opted (Marine Protected Area
Advisory Group)
Robert Irving
Co-opted (Annual Report Editor) John Hedger
Co-opted (Photo Library) John Tyrer

The LFS also honours the following as presidents of the society:

President vacant
Vice Presidents Jennifer George 
  John A Harman
  Keith Hiscock 
  Roger Chapple

The constitution may be viewed here.

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