2020 Bee, Wasp and Ant records

This table comprises the bee, wasp and ant records for 2020.

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Species nameScientific nameCountSite nameDateRecorder(s)
Unidentified sp.Bombus sp.1St John's Valley2020-01-03Dean Jones & Zoe Barton
Red-tailed bumblebeeBombus lapidarius1Millcombe2020-03-01Dean Jones
Buff-tailed bumblebeeBombus terrestris2East Side2020-03-02Dean Jones, Tim Jones, Tim Davis
Buff-tailed bumblebeeBombus terrestris3Millcombe 2020-03-08Dean Jones
Buff-tailed bumblebeeBombus terrestris30Millcombe and Terrace2020-04-02Dean Jones & Zoe Barton
White-tailed BumblebeeBombus lucorum1Millcombe2020-04-02Dean Jones & Zoe Barton
White-tailed BumblebeeBombus lucorum4Lundy2020-08-08Tim Davis
Common Carder Bombus pascuorum2Millcombe and Terrace2020-04-02Dean Jones & Zoe Barton
Garden Bumble-beeBombus hortorum4Village2020-07-06Dean Jones
Heath BumblebeeBombus jonellus3North End2020-09-13Dean Jones
Yellow-legged Mining Bee Andrena flavipes1Village2020-06-25Dean Jones
HornetVespa crabro1Old Light2020-09-02Sam Bosanquet
a waspHeteropelma amictum1Terrace2020-07-24David Rowe
a square-headed waspCrossocerus sp.1Government House 2020-06-25Dean Jones

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