The Annual Report of the Lundy Field Society

The Journal of the Lundy Field Society

Includes latest volumes: Journal 5 (2016)
and Annual Report 65 (2015).

Since 1946 the LFS has published reports on scientific and other work on the island, initially in the Annual Report. Since 2008, academic papers are published in the Journal, whilst the Annual Report continues to report activities on the island, including bird sightings and other entries from the log book.

All the index and contents lists for both the Annual Report and Journal are online and scans of the actual contents. The latest volume will be placed online one year after publication.

These and other publications on Lundy can be found by searching in the bibliography.

How to use the index

The index is divided into two parts: the contents of the individual volumes of the Journal and the Annual Report, and the index itself. The index is designed to be used with the table of contents and this has enabled the elimination of a large amount of repeated information. This is particularly apparent under individual authors where full bibliographic information has been omitted leaving only a brief description of the topic of a paper and its volume and page numbers. Hopefully this will also ease the problem caused by obscure paper titles! The index has also been sorted initially into fairly large groups so that, for instance, all references to birds appear initially under Bird and then by species. A similar policy has been adopted for mammals (including sea-mammals) and insects. This should allow browsing of the index in a particular subject area, but may annoy those who (rightly) think that lichens are not plants.

There will be mistakes in the index! If you find one or have any comments - let me know! Chris Webster

Indexing details

Bird species lists

Every volume of the Annual Report contains a list of bird species present and it was felt to be pointless to index every entry in these. Therefore only when special mention is made of the rarity of a bird (up to its third record) has the list entry been indexed. No account has been taken of the acceptance or otherwise of the sighting as, more often than not, this was never reported. This has lead to two entries under, for example, "Second sighting" if the first was not accepted.

Birds listed under "Rare" are British rarities as the list of Lundy rarities has changed over time.

Table of contents

In the table of contents the form of the title and author's name is as given in the volume. If an article has no author it is anonymous, if only initials are given there has been no attempt to further identify the author. If an article has no title or if the title is misleading it has been given a brief description surrounded by square brackets.

Back numbers of the Annual Report and Journal

Many of the past issues of the Annual Report are out of print but the following (some in very small quantities) are available at £3 from the Hon. Secretary, Michael Williams

Copies of the Journal are available at £10 from Alan Rowland