Lundy Field Society Newsletter Archive

The LFS has produced a newsletter for members since 1975 and these available as PDFs below. The early ones were very brief and devoted to society business, but later ones contain articles about Lundy as well as news.

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 53 (2024) Subjects include News from the Bird Observatory, Memories of years gone by and The Lundy Golf Course

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 52 (2023) Subjects include Lundy Marine Festival 2022, Lundy by senses, Fifty years of visiting LundyView online[1.82 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 51 (2022) Subjects include an introduction from the new Assistant Warden, Shipping at Lundy in the 1881 census, Marine Aliens, Archaeological monitoring and Lundy Lockdown.View online[1.86 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 50 (2021) Subjects include introductions to a new committee member and the new Lundy Ranger, the old Church Organ, Lockdown on Lundy and a celebration of 50 years of LFS membership.View online[1.28 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 49 (2020) Subjects include Landmark Trust 50 year celebrations, the Lundy Half, Septimus and an untold story of HMS Montagu.View online[1.63 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 48 (2019) Subjects include conservation break reports, the Lundy Boggit, Wheatear research, Lundy memories, the Green Warbler and the launch of Lundy Fungi.View online[2.06 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 47 (2018) Subjects include conservation break reports, the wreck of the Kaaksburg, chapels and churches and amateur radio on LundyView online[1.74 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 46 (2016) Subjects include Discover Lundy 2016, conservation break reports, Lundy shop facelift and Lady Mary Percy.View online[2.73 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 45 (2015) Subjects include Sir Jack Hayward, a 17th-century description of the island, the Landmark Golden Weekend, conservation break memories, Lundy in a French children's comic, shearwaters in Brazil, and spiny lobsters.View online[1.73 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 44 (2014) Subjects include an underwater dive trail, the island becoming a parish, the first ever storm petrel chick and memories of Kay Harman.View online[2.07 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 43 (2013) Subjects include the warden's first year, John Pennington Harman VC, committee pen-portraits and the Heaven familyView online[1.67 MB]

Discovering Lundy, Bulletin 42 (2012) Subjects include Discover Lundy week, slow worm, Colyear Dawkins, Chris Eker, a new sea slug, John Fursdon, rhododendrons and the Puffin Slope guardhouseView online[3.01 MB]

Newsletter 41 (2011) Subjects include more thoughts on Atlantic Array windfarm, 40 years of marine conservation, the Needle's Eye, rhododendrons, puffins and peregrines, Barbara (Whitaker) Snow, Frederick Allday and the 1911 census.View online[3 MB]

Newsletter 40 (2010) Subjects include Atlantic Array windfarm, the fortieth anniversary of National Trust ownership celebrations, the Marine Conservation Zone, memories of Tony Walker, John Pennington Harman VC, Barolo's Shearwater, Willfred F Saunt, bell-ringing in 1963View online[1.14 MB]

Newsletter 39 (2009) Subjects include Elizabeth Hubbard, David Snow, Lundy a hundred years ago, Wood vetch, visit by Earl and Countess of Wessex, filming diving and early diving (Don Shiers)View online[1.73 MB]

Newsletter 38 (2008) Subjects include Keith Gardner, Ken Rodley, Les Perrin, Ian Linn, the 1988 Waverley excursion, life in the lighthouses, the discovery of the Sunset Coral, sharks and dowsing.View online[2.17 MB]

Newsletter 37 (2007) Subjects include Sir John Smith, lighthouse memories, loss of the Heroine 1882, Frolica, letterboxes.View online[2.9 MB]

Newsletter 36 (2006) Contents include 60th anniversary of the LFS, Ruth Harman Jones, David Trapnell, Mandy Green, visit to Kohima, Lundy in 1939, leeches, Ancient Murrelet, Barbara Whitaker, early years of the LFSView online[4.08 MB]

Newsletter 35 (2005) Contents include Donald Peyton-Jones and a visit in 1813.View online[2.29 MB]

Newsletter 34 (2004) Contents include Henry Hezekiah Lane (rector 1922-24), Keith Gardner's archaeological memories and John Shearn.View online[3.3 MB]

Newsletter 33 (2003) Subjects include Marisco: A tale of Lundy by William Crossing (part 2), Lundy 1853, wartime childhood on Lundy and a list of Lundy broadcasts, films etc.View online[3.26 MB]

Newsletter 32 (2002) Contents include Lundy census 1901 and Marisco: A tale of Lundy by William Crossing (part 1)View online[2.86 MB]

Newsletter 31 (2001) View online[2.59 MB]

Newsletter 30 (2000) Contents include archaeology in Pigs Paradise, a 1956 visit, megalithic astronomy, wreck diving and lighthouse keeper's lettters in 1928.View online[2.92 MB]

Newsletter 29 (1999) Contents include lighthouse keeper's lettters in 1927-8, a potential Lundy flag, the historic landscape survey and the wreck of the Weasel in 1799.View online[2.75 MB]

Newsletter 28 (1998) Contents include a warden's report, Victorian accounts of Lundy, the royal visit in 1958 and Evelyn Waugh on LundyView online[2.23 MB]

Newsletter 27 (1997) View online[1.5 MB]

Newsletter 26 (1996) Mostly a reprint of Sea and Land by Philip Henry Gosse (1874).View online[2.7 MB]

Newsletter 25 (1995) View online[1.63 MB]

Newsletter 24 (1994) Subjects include the orientation of the church, John Harman VC, Eileen Heaven and Lundy 1894View online[2.01 MB]

Newsletter 23 (1993) Subjects include lundy stamps, Steinman Steinman's account of Lundy, census 1891, archaeological survey, Lundy in the 1920s, doctor's reminiscences.View online[806.76 KB]

Newsletter 22 (1992) Subjects include the experiences of a German pilot who crashed on Lundy, island fundraising, the social aspects of archaeological work, island boats, working on the island, Lundy in 1892, megalithic astronomy and the golf course.View online[1.05 MB]

Newsletter 21 (1991) Subjects include a trip to Lundy in 1886, diving, the hotel billiard table and Evelyn Waugh's diary.View online[2.87 MB]

Newsletter 20 (1990) View online[752.92 KB]

Newsletter 19 (1989) Subjects include the LFS excursion on the Waverley that was stranded overnight and an index to the Cinderella Stamp Club's newsletter articles on Lundy.View online[724.31 KB]

Newsletter 17/18 (1988) Subjects include the story of buying MS Oldenburg, Lundy in 1887 and 1888, University of Bristol ethology course, John Dyke's first visit and climbing.View online[538.78 KB]

Newsletter 16 (1987) View online[1.46 MB]

Newsletter 15 (1) (1985) View online[932.25 KB]

Newsletter 15 (2) (1986) View online[1.33 MB]

Newsletter 14 (1984) View online[615.72 KB]

Newsletter 13 (1983) View online[1.72 MB]

Newsletter 12 (1982) View online[927.48 KB]

Newsletter 11 (1981) View online[271.66 KB]

Newsletter 10 (1980) View online[294.68 KB]

Newsletter 9 (1980) View online[176.54 KB]

Newsletter 8 (1979) View online[173.88 KB]

Newsletter 7 (1978) View online[214.89 KB]

Newsletter 6 (1978) View online[178.66 KB]

Newsletter 5 (1977) View online[220.9 KB]

Newsletter 4 (1976) View online[398.77 KB]

Newsletter 3 (1976) View online[376.34 KB]

Newsletter 2 (1975) View online[393.75 KB]

Newsletter 1 (1975) View online[490.46 KB]

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