A new set of Lundy stamps were issued on Saturday 8 May 2021 celebrating the activities of the LFS from its founding in 1946 to date.

2021 stamp issue 175

M C Harman, Leslie Harvey and the Old Light are all depicted on the high-value pair of stamps together with Soay sheep and a Wheatear. Soay were introduced by MCH and studied annually, Wheatears are also subject to a long-term LFS study.

2021 stamp issue 90

Diving is a major activity around the island and the mid-value stamps feature a diver, Atlantic Grey Seal, Spiny Lobster, Sea Fans and the Kelp forest. Society members were heavily involved in the designation of Lundy as the UK’s first Marine Conservation Zone.

2021 stamp issue 65

The lowest value pair of stamps illustrates the whole of the East side of the island and a group in an educational setting in front of the Castle. Education, archaeology and natural history are all objectives that have occupied the Society over these last 75 years.

You can buy sets of the stamps and first day covers if you are visiting Lundy or you can order them by writing to: Lundy Postal Service, Lundy, Bristol Channel, Bideford, EX39 2LY.

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