Location of Montagu Steps

Montagu Steps

Montagu Steps run down the precipitous west side of Lundy and are named from the the wreck of HMS Montagu in 1906. The three-year-old battleship had been undertaking trials with, the then new, radio and had moved away from Lundy until contact with the Isles of Scilly was made. On her return in fog she ran aground on the south west corner of the island and, despite the slow speed she was travelling, became stuck. All attempts to refloat her failed and salvage continued until 1922 after which the wreck finally broke up and sank.

Aerial walkway anchors (photo Chris Webster)

During the salvage operatations a walkway, suspended from the cable anchors shown in the photo, was constructed to give access to the stranded ship.

The steps are now distinctly dangerous.

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