Lundy Fish List

Freshwater fish were introduced to Lundy in the late 1920s by the then owner Martin Coles Harman (MCH). He introduced “golden orfe, king carp and tench into the ponds by the Rocket Pole, the Quarries and the one on the West side between Threequarter Wall and the North End.” (Gade FW, My Life on Lundy, 1978)

The Quarry Pond fish were predated so MCH caught some from Rocket Pole Pond to replace them. There have since been more movement of fish into Pondsbury for example in 1976 when it dried out and again in 2006 when Quarterwall Pond dried.

Currently Rocket Pole Pond, Pondsbury and Quarterwall Pond all contain various fish species, although the precise species is unclear. More research is needed.

European Eel are anadromous so it is their freshwater stage which is recorded here.

A total of 7 species (or forms) are listed here.

List alphabetically by common nameList alphabetically by scientific name

    Order: Cypriniformes
      • Crucian Carp  Carassius carassius 30 Quarry Pond first:1977 reference: LFS Annual Report Vol 28 
      • Golden Carp  Carassius auratus 15 Quarry Pond first:1979 reference: LFS Annual Report Vol 30 
      • Mirror Carp  Cyprinus carpio carpio 120 Rocket Pole Pond first:1981 reference: LFS Annual Report Vol 33 
      • Tench  Tinca tinca present Widow's Tenement Pond first:1928 reference: My Life on Lundy 
      • Rudd  Scardinius erythrophthalmus 100 Quarterwall Pond first:2006 reference: LFS Annual Report Vol 56 
      • Golden Orfe  Leuciscus idus present Rocket Pole Pond first:1928 reference: My Life on Lundy 
    Order: Anguilliformes

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