Archaeology, AR40:34--47
Albone, E. S.
Rats and nesting seabirds, AR43:42--49
Alexander, K. N. A.
Additional spiders and hemiptera, AR43:113--114
Hemiptera species list, AR42:101--105
Spider species present, AR40:60--64
Allan, J.
Medieval pottery from Pig's Paradise, AR53:136--139
Allen, A
Lichen communities, AR47:93--126
Lichen specialities, J1:33--40
Lichen species, AR46:66--86
Lundy Lichens [book reviewed], J1:97
Review of Lords of Lundy, J3:127--128
Allen, K.
Aspects of social behaviour of Goats, AR25:62--66
Allen, R
Obituary of Ann Westcott, AR60:86
Obituary of Peter Hywel Harman Jones, AR64:12
Review of Harman Family's Album, J4:125--126
Almy, V. C. P.
Plympton Secondary Modern School field visits in 1952 and 1954, AR8:32--34
Animal behaviour
Cattle, AR47:36--42
Goat, AR25:62--66
Grey Seal, AR50:41--48
Horse, AR45:35--42
Kittiwake, AR46:29--38, AR47:43--49
Pony, AR45:35--42, AR52:41--66, AR52:67--83
Shag, AR47:36--42
Sheep, AR44:36--43
Sika Deer, AR39:50--58, AR48:75--86, AR51:81--94
Annual Report of Lundy Field Society
Contents of Annual Reports, 1990-1999, AR51:146--161
Index of Annual Reports, 1990-1999, AR51:162--174
Effects of 1962--3 winter, AR15:34--35
Anti-aircraft trenches
Position, AR31:15--18
Appleton, D.
Rat eradication and seabird recovery, AR53:57--61
Vegetation and grazing 2005--08, J2:113--114
Artefacts in Bristol Museum, AR13:63--64
Barbed and tanged arrowhead discovery, AR21:36--37
Beach road and landing places, AR47:77--86
Beacon Hill Cemetery
Early Christian stone, AR14:27, AR15:22--33
Building mortar analysis, AR20:23--25
Early Christian evidence, AR13:53--62
Beacon Hill, AR17:30--33
Beacon Hill Cemetery, AR20:14--17, AR42:43--54
Benson's Cave, AR17:30--33
Brazen Ward, AR19:41--48
Bull's Paradise, AR14:22--26, AR15:22--33, AR16:29--32, AR17:30--33, AR19:41--48
Jenny's Cove "Mangonel Battery", AR17:30--33
Jenny's Cove "Neolithic House", AR19:41--48
Middle Park, AR17:30--33
North End Hut circle, AR19:41--48
Puffin Slope Building, AR13:4
Widow's Tenement, AR16:29--32
Flint artefacts at Quarterwall Cottages, AR48:35--36
Flint artefacts from Brick Field, AR11:32--34
Flint collections examined, AR42:70--84
Geophysical Survey
Brick Field, AR39:31--45
Geophysical survey
Brick, Tillage and Air fields, AR43:68--77
Bull's Paradise, AR42:66--69
Giants' Graves -- reports and interpretation of discovery, AR49:68--73
Quarries and associated structures, AR50:70--93
Quarry Railway, AR16:26--28
Correct location and description of discovery, AR50:102--105
Gull Rock site, AR44:52--55
Iona II wreck, AR56:48
Policy, AR45:57--76
Wreck survey and ecology, AR45:77--85
Marisco Castle
Date of the house, AR50:94--101
Sea-level, AR18:24--28
National Trust survey
Completion, AR49:48--53
Interim report, AR41:26--33
Introduction, AR40:48--49
Pollen analysis, AR20:18--19
Post medieval, AR39:31--45, AR40:34--47
Medieval from Pig's Paradise, AR53:136--139
Prehistoric and Roman, AR54:89--92
Scheduled monuments reviewed, AR49:54--57
Sites known in 1967, AR17:30--33
Brazen Ward, AR19:41--48
Bull's Paradise, AR14:22--26
Celtic fields, AR19:41--48
Gannet's Combe, AR10:56--57
Historic landscape survey, AR41:26--33
Magnetic susceptibility, AR43:68--77
Middle Park, AR16:29--32
Standing stones, AR42:55--65
Test-pits south of Quarter Wall, AR39:31--45, AR40:34--47, AR41:34--52, AR44:24
Thirteenth-century landscape, J1:87--97
Archer, S. A.
Fungi in 1970, AR21:35
Fungi in 1971, AR22:43
Atkins, P.
Flint arrowhead discovered, AR21:36--37
Atkinson, R. J. A.
Goneplax Rhomboides studies, AR26:55--60
Marine fauna---Crustacea: Euphausiacea and Decapoda, AR31:35--51
Red Band Fish, AR27:58--63
Atlantic College
Project report 1974, AR25:68--69
Underwater survey of Knoll Pins, AR24:28--35