Rowland Barker was appointed the first warden by the Lundy Field Society for the 1947 season on the island. As well as recording information for the Lundy Bird Observatory he was in charge of the LFS's hostel which was in the Old Light. The building had been completed in 1820 but soon rendered obsolete as its height on the top of the island meant it was often obscured by clouds. The keepers' house had been repaired during World War II when a small naval detachment had been quartered there but it was again showing the effects of the severe weather. Barker maintained the buildings and cooked for visitors.

The following year, Barker is described in the list of members as "somewhere in Canada". He retired to Oregon after a life in the hotel trade and his photograph album came to light when many of his posessions were sold prior to moving into a home. The LFS is grateful to Bob Cummings, who purchased the album at the sale, for providing the images.

The album pages are shown below. You can enlarge each photograph by clicking it.

Page 1 of the album

Page 2 of the album

Page 3 of the album

Page 4 of the album

Page 5 of the album

There are also 8 full page photos

The Old Light Landing on the beach Landing Bay from South Light Castle from Lametry
South Light from Castle Knights Templar Rock Granite formation North Light

Three loose photos

Man with shovel Two of these were copies of the Knights Templar Rock photo but the third showed this man on the beach holding a shovel.

There is a more detailed account of the the Lundy Wardens in the book Island Studies.

Top of the Old Light Sea View, built as an oil store by Trinity House in 1826 The entrance hall of the LFS hostel in the Old Light Puffins and other birds (poor quality) Gable of Old Light keepers house Knights Templar Rock. A natural formation on the West Side of Lundy. Close up of the Knights Templar Rock View north from the top of the Old Light View east from the top of the Old Light Jenny's Cove View north from the top of the Old Light View north-east from the top of the Old Light Gull on nest Gull on nest Gull on nest Gull leaving nest Birds on the rocks above the Knoll Pins Puffins on rock The Landing Bay The fireplace in the hostel The entrance hall of the hostel The entrance hall of the hostel The interior of the LFS hostel Mealtime in the LFS hostel Pond dipping LFS volunteers digging Goats Pony Goat

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