The long-awaited publication dedicated to the fungi of Lundy is now available to purchase from LFS Sales. Full details can be found on the Books page on this website.

This colourful book the first detailed photographic guide to the mushrooms and toadstools of Lundy is just one of the outcomes of over 70 years of work by the Lundy Field Society on the biology, geology, history and archaeology of this unique island and its surrounding seas. Up to the 1970s these studies did not include the fungi, but now the accumulation of knowledge since that time has been published. The book is dedicated to the memory of one of the early recorders, Tony Walker. It celebrates his success and that of other Lundy Field Society members in identifying over 500 species to date. The guide is authored by the two people, John Hedger and David George, who, since 2003, working with willing helpers, have contributed most to the recording and photography of fungi on Lundy. It describes and illustrates over 250 species of the often colourful, and sometimes bizarre, fungi that occur there, and highlights their important roles in the Lundy ecosystems by presenting them in the habitats in which they are found.

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