Lundy Wildlife

Lundy is famous for its wildlife, and even has two species that are found nowhere else in the world (Lundy Cabbage and its flea beetle).

All the large mammals have been introduced over the last 1000 years and populations of sika deer, goats and soay sheep can be seen, mostly towards the north end of the island. Rabbit populations fluctuate wildly, depending on disease and the grazing by other animals, but the black and brown rats were eradicated in 2004.

The birds have been the most studied, but almost all the creatures living or passing by the island have been investigated, to better understand how they adapt to life on Lundy. Much of this work has been by the Lundy Field Society and is published in our Annual Reports and (from 2008) the LFS Journal. The book, Island Studies, provides a useful introduction to most areas of study. It is out of print but the contents are online.