The Devil's Slide on the west coast of Lundy

The Island of Lundy

The island of Lundy is mostly granite with some shales at the southern end. It is home to a limited range of mammals and invertebrates but sees large numbers of resident and visiting birds. Many rare species have been recorded on Lundy, particularly North America birds swept over the Atlantic.

There are also some species found only on Lundy - the Lundy Cabbage and the invertebrates which live on it.

Previous human inhabitants have also left evidence of their presence: mesolithic flintwork, bronze-age burial mounds, an early medieval monastery, early modern artillery fortifications and the current buildings.

Much of this has been studied by the Lundy Field Society and published in our Annual Reports and (from 2008) the LFS Journal. The book, Island Studies, provides a useful introduction to most areas of study. It is out of print but the contents are online.