Lundy list of Terrestrial Molluscs

While slugs are abundant in damp weather, which is not uncommon on Lundy, they are very under recorded. Similarly whilst the large Garden and Brown-lipped Snails can be easily found records are rarely seen in the log book.  The remaining snails are quite small and can only usually be found by diligent stone turning or wall inspection.

List alphabetically by English nameList in taxonomic order

  • Arion ater agg.  Black SlugAbundant
  • Arion distinctus  Brown Soil SlugRare
  • Arion hortensis  Blue-black Soil SlugRare
  • Boettgerilla pallens  Worm SlugRare
  • Candidula intersecta  Wrinkled Dune SnailRare
  • Cepaea nemoralis  Brown-lipped SnailAbundant
  • Clausilia bidentata  Two-toothed Door SnailRare
  • Derocras reticulatum  Grey Field SlugRare
  • Helix aspersa  Garden SnailAbundant
  • Lauria cylindracea  Common Chrysalis SnailRare
  • Lehmannia marginata  Tree SlugRare
  • Limacus maculatus  Green Cellar SlugRare
  • Limax maximus  Leopard SlugFrequent
  • Trochulus striolatus  Strawberry SnailRare
  • Vitrina pellucida  Pellucid Glass SnailRare

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