Lundy list of Dragonflies and Damselflies

List alphabetically by English nameList in taxonomic order

  • Aeshna cyanea  Southern HawkerRare
  • Aeshna juncea   Common HawkerRare
  • Aeshna mixta  Migrant HawkerAbundant
  • Anax imperator  Emperor DragonflyOccasional
  • Anax iphippiger  Vagrant EmperorRare
  • Calopteryx virgo  Beautiful DemoiselleRare
  • Cordulegaster boltonii   Golden-ringed DragonflyRare
  • Enallagma cyathigerum   Common Blue DamselflyAbundant and breeds
  • Ischnura elegans  Blue-tailed DamselflyAbundant and breeds
  • Libellula quadrimaculata  Four-spotted ChaserRare
  • Sympetrum danae  Black DarterRare
  • Sympetrum fonsolombii  Red-veined DarterRare
  • Sympetrum sanguineum  Ruddy DarterRare
  • Sympetrum striolatum   Common DarterAbundant and breeds

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