Lundy list of Bees, Wasps & Ants (Hymenoptera)

List alphabetically by Latin nameList in taxonomic order

  • Black Ant  Lassius niger
  • Bracken Sawfly  Aneugmenus padi
  • Buff-tailed Bumble Bee  Bombus terrestris
  • a chalcid wasp  Eupelmus vesicularis
  • a chalcid wasp  Pirene chalybea
  • Common Carder Bee  Bombus pascuorum
  • Common Heather Mining Bee  Colletes succinctus
  • Common Wasp  Vespula vulgaris
  • German Wasp  Vespula germanica
  • Honey Bee  Apis mellifera
  • an Ichuneumon Wasp  Heteroelma amictum
  • a parasitic wasp  Trichomalopsis fucicola
  • a potter or mason wasp  Ancistrocerus sp.
  • Red-banded Sand Wasp  Ammophila sabulosa
  • Red-tailed Bumblebee  Bombus lapidarius
  • Ruby-tailed Wasp  Chrysis ignita
  • Sand Digger Wasp  Cerceris arenaria
  • a Sawfly  Sircidae sp.
  • a Sawfly  Symphyta sp.
  • Skullcap sawfly  Athalia scutellariae
  • Small Garden bumblebee  Bombus hortorum
  • Tree Bee  Bombus hypnorum
  • White-tailed Bumblebee  Bombus lucorum
  • Yellow Ophion  Ophion luteus

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