The Old Light and Keepers House © C J Webster

The site for the lighthouse was surveyed in 1819 following agreement with the then owner of Lundy Sir Aubrey de Vere Hunt. The light tower and keepers' house were designed by Daniel Alexander, the consultant engineer to Trinity House. They are of a massive construction to withstand the weather. The became operational on 21st February the following year but the height of light meant that it was often obscured by clouds.

This led to the construction of a fog signal station (the Battery) in 1863 and the replacement, in 1897, of the Old LIght by two new lights close to sea level at the north and south ends.

Anti-aircraft trench

Battery Point

Beacon Hill

Brazen Ward

Brick Field

Halfway Wall

John O'Groat's House

Mangonel Battery


Montagu Steps

MV Kaaksburg


Punchbowl Valley

Quarry Cottages


Quarter Wall

Rocket Pole



The Devil's Limekiln

The Devil's Slide

The Earthquake

Landing Bay

North Light

Old Light

The Pyramid


South Light



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